Thursday, 12 February 2009

Feb Update

So just like every single band blog on the entire planet, this hasn't been updated for a while!

I dunno when I last updated this, I could just look but my internet connection is slow and therefore I can't be bothered.

We recently finished our UK headline tour with A Textbook Tragedy and Misery Signals and it was one of the best tours we've ever done. Its so flattering to see so many people come out every single day so a massive thank you to everyone! We had sell outs in Brighton, London, Portsmouth, Manchester and Colchester and we NEVER sell shows out. Maybe we're a band that sells shows out now? That'd be nice.
We will be doing another UK headline tour around september/october but we probably won't announce any dates for a couple of months still. We'll be doing a full headline run in europe as well which will be good times.

As a lot of you know our album is now out (Except in mainland europe because of that stupid fuck up, and in Japan) so please please go buy it! We've had a lot of you saying how much you like it, which is awesome, thank you.

We have the Comeback Kid tour coming up in April, and we've now added a date in Helsinki with CBK too, so if you live in Finland travel because it isn't oftent hat we pass through that part of the world!

I don't know if I'm supposed to say anything or not but we're going back to Athens aswell in March! We had an awesome time when we were there in 07 so hopefully there'll be some familiar faces when we go back!

We've been putting up a bunch of tattoo photos recently (thank you to anyone whos sent their pictures in) and theres been a bunch of cunts just slagging off every photo. We don't give a fuck if you don't like a tattoo, so don't bother sharing your opinion please. If people want to get an Architects tattoo then fair enough, they don't need people going "gutted mate thats for life!", because it just makes you look like a cunt!

On a completely different note, we're doing some festival called Hammerfest in Wales and its the most metal line up i've ever seen in my entire life. There are definately gonna be people calling us emo and maybe even some terrorizer staff calling us a boy band too. please come and check it out so we don't look like idiots playing ont he main stage to a bunch of people who don't like us because Hammerfall are on after us.

We will be going over to Canada before the summer, I can't say anything yet but it'll be an awesome tour and we love being there so we can't wait!

We are getting a lot of you U.S folk and probably even more Australian folk asking when we're gonna come for a visit and again I can't say anything but we have plans for both. We wanted to get back to the U.S earlier than we are but it turns out touring there can be like setting fire to a massive pile of cash so we're having to be a little careful about the options we take!

Theres some more stuff we're gonna be doing but this is turning into a list so I'll leave it at that!

Go play Skate 2 and get high!


Dan x


Jass said...

its so cool to know that ur coming back to the US,i cant wait to see you guys again and hear some of your new songs live!!

Unknown said...

if / when you hit the states again, i'll be out once again.

also, going to take the road trip into canadia if you fellas go through them parts

you forgot

play call of duty 4 / skate 2 / and get high.

AZA said...

Probably I won't be able to come see you live in Italy with it would be great if, in your next headlining tour of Europe you will come to:
NEW AGE CLUB in Roncade (TV)

Please try your best to come here playing!!
This would be really great!! You'd make me the happiest person in the world (and a lot of other people, actually)!

Anonymous said...

Europe headline tour? Yay!
Pleeease come to Austria once more, your headline act last year was one of the greatest ever!

Unknown said...

SO AMAZING to hear you guys are coming back to Canada! too exciting.

i think hammerfest will just be confused by non-crappy music, that's all. they'll figure it out at the slide back into the intro riff of early grave, though.

João Pinetree said...

Come to Oporto in Portugal, i can't wait to see you guys
Keep up the good work :p

Unknown said...

and if you guys do go to Oporto be sure to drive down to Lisbon and play a show here too.

you peepz fuckin' slay!

much luv

Beehiver said...

so... you won't be doing any eurpean festivals this summer or what?

I already have my perfect summer figured out... Architects enter the amfi stage at 12.30 at night, followed by BMTH at 1.30 at the hovefestival in Norway.
No worries about BMTH, they're already booked. I'm just waiting for you to get announced!


Chris said...

awesome that you guys are coming through switzerland, i'll be following you on my bicycle through germany

hell yeah

Unknown said...

dudes, where are your videos? Ive been living in misery without the comedy arghhh

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