Tuesday, 28 April 2009

29th April

So the Through The Noise tour was awesome, definitely some parts of europe that still don't seem to get Architects but some parts were more fun than ever! We had particularly awesome shows in Cesena, Munich, Karlsruhe, Leipzig and Groezrock Festival, so we'd like to give an extra big thank you to the people who came and checked us out at those shows!
We're off to Russia in a couple of days which is going to be really bizzare, but we're all really excited, its always interesting to play a country for the first time.
Also, mid way through May we're off to Canada to tour with Misery Signals.........again. Canada is always awesome so, again, we're stoked to get over there.

When we were in Koln the other day, me and Ali came up with the dumbest idea for a shirt ever. Its basically an alien saying "Take me to your leader". Pretty dumb. We got our friend Mike Shantz to design it and it looks hilarious, you won't believe it.

Keep going out and buying Hollow Crown! It means a lot to us! Record sales are tough these days, so I like to add a zero on to the end of our sales, makes me feel better.

We're currently putting together our next UK tour, if it works out then its going to be sweet as fuck so get stoked!

AND we'll be announcing the Australian tour we're doing in August in a couple of weeks. Couldn't be more stoked.

Dan x

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Still Home

We've been home for way to long now! Its been awesome spending time with family and girlfriends but its beeen WAY too long.
We're off to Greece this weekend for a little one off in Athens again and then shortly after that we're off on tour with Comeback Kid which will be sweet. Plus we're doing Groezrock which will be awesome! Belgium always rules and it's gonna rule doublely because 20,000 people go! Plus we get to see a few friends we havent seen in a while.
THEN we're off to Russia which will be mental.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Ali Dino Tshirt for sale soon.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Feb Update

So just like every single band blog on the entire planet, this hasn't been updated for a while!

I dunno when I last updated this, I could just look but my internet connection is slow and therefore I can't be bothered.

We recently finished our UK headline tour with A Textbook Tragedy and Misery Signals and it was one of the best tours we've ever done. Its so flattering to see so many people come out every single day so a massive thank you to everyone! We had sell outs in Brighton, London, Portsmouth, Manchester and Colchester and we NEVER sell shows out. Maybe we're a band that sells shows out now? That'd be nice.
We will be doing another UK headline tour around september/october but we probably won't announce any dates for a couple of months still. We'll be doing a full headline run in europe as well which will be good times.

As a lot of you know our album is now out (Except in mainland europe because of that stupid fuck up, and in Japan) so please please go buy it! We've had a lot of you saying how much you like it, which is awesome, thank you.

We have the Comeback Kid tour coming up in April, and we've now added a date in Helsinki with CBK too, so if you live in Finland travel because it isn't oftent hat we pass through that part of the world!

I don't know if I'm supposed to say anything or not but we're going back to Athens aswell in March! We had an awesome time when we were there in 07 so hopefully there'll be some familiar faces when we go back!

We've been putting up a bunch of tattoo photos recently (thank you to anyone whos sent their pictures in) and theres been a bunch of cunts just slagging off every photo. We don't give a fuck if you don't like a tattoo, so don't bother sharing your opinion please. If people want to get an Architects tattoo then fair enough, they don't need people going "gutted mate thats for life!", because it just makes you look like a cunt!

On a completely different note, we're doing some festival called Hammerfest in Wales and its the most metal line up i've ever seen in my entire life. There are definately gonna be people calling us emo and maybe even some terrorizer staff calling us a boy band too. please come and check it out so we don't look like idiots playing ont he main stage to a bunch of people who don't like us because Hammerfall are on after us.

We will be going over to Canada before the summer, I can't say anything yet but it'll be an awesome tour and we love being there so we can't wait!

We are getting a lot of you U.S folk and probably even more Australian folk asking when we're gonna come for a visit and again I can't say anything but we have plans for both. We wanted to get back to the U.S earlier than we are but it turns out touring there can be like setting fire to a massive pile of cash so we're having to be a little careful about the options we take!

Theres some more stuff we're gonna be doing but this is turning into a list so I'll leave it at that!

Go play Skate 2 and get high!


Dan x

Saturday, 24 January 2009

HOLLOW CROWN - good news and bad news

So, after months and months of waiting for both us and all of you guys, our brand new album 'Hollow Crown' hits UK shop shelves on Monday via Century Media Records

We are all very excited for the album to finally be out there, and even though we know that many of you have already heard it over the last two weeks we ask that you please show us some genuine support and actually go out and buy this CD.

Hollow Crown is also out now in Australia, so if you live down under please go pick that record up. The more of you that buy it, the more likely it is that your support will help us get over to you on tour!

We can also finally confirm that Hollow Crown will be available in Japan via Century Media licensing partner Doom Patrol Records on Feb 21st, 2009.
So if there's any Japanese fans out there, put the date in your diaries and make sure you check the album out! We really want to come and play for you guys!

Sadly we also some bad news. Thanks to "logistical problems" at the distribution company and at the distributor's warehouse in Europe, the release of 'Hollow Crown' on the European mainland has been unfortunately delayed at the last minute.
We know how much this sucks, and we can only apologise profusely to all our fans in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, Portugal and Hungary, but this was completely beyond our control. We were only informed by our label late last night, and there is really nothing we can do about it at all. This is really shitty for us too, so we hope you all understand!

We can only ask that all you guys bear with us and be patient for just a few more weeks. Hollow Crown will be with you and on shop shelves across all of Europe by the end of February, and we will be back playing shows in April with Comeback Kid, Misery Signals, Bane and Outbreak, and we'll also be at Summerblast in Germany this June.

So, once again, we're sorry Europe - we hope you guys can find the patience to bear with us and that you'll all still be psyched to go out and buy the album a few weeks from now.

Below is a full, final list of the worldwide release dates for Hollow Crown










Cheers everyone



Thursday, 8 January 2009


Hi everyone! Tom here. I'm pretty bored so I thought, why not connect with our 'Fans' through the medium of blogging. So yeah, hi.
I hope everyone had a nice christmas and got the presents they wanted. I got a television. Now all I do, like most people who are male and between 12-24 years old, is play my Xbox 360 all day long till my eyes hurt. I literally JUST finished that new Call of Duty, The final Credits are still rolling just to my right. This isn't really relevent to anything is it?

Oh and Happy new year. 2010 next year, floating cars are surely just round the corner.

Anyway, so we're off on tour in 2 days. We're all super pumped for it, its been a while since we did a headline run in the UK, and I'm certain this will be the best yet. Textbook Tragedy are flying in tomorrow, can't want to hang out with though guys!

Oh god, theres some Nazi Zombie thing on COD! Amazing!

anyway, I'll pause that and carry on.

Yeah, we're also on a bus this tour! Ha! Sell outs! Thats right we're gonna roll up to the Exeter Cavern in a Bus, yes we already know we will look like dicks. But it'll be fun so whatever!

Some reviews for Hollow Crown have started coming in. Some good some pretty grim. Go and pick up rocksound and check them out giving us 8/10 without really saying anything good about the record, plus slagging me off for.....not being an arsehole? Wierd. Oh and Whilst you're there pick up Terrorizer, who whilst they think I'm a charming gent, they're also think we're a shit boy band. Oops, next time we'll wear corpse paint! Oh plus I think we're in Kerrang a bunch this month so look out for that.

Theres some awesome video that our friend Kelly made of footage from the Never Say Die tour knocking around too, check it out.

Take it easy everyone!
Tom x

Monday, 8 December 2008

October - December 08

So we haven't updated this in AGES. I'm really sorry, everyone does this! We've been on tour for fucking ages and sine I got back I've been none stop with various other band business. BUT, I AM GOING TO UPDATE THIS RIGHT NOW. Even though my arm hurts from typing an interview I just did.....

SO we went to America for 6 weeks and did what was probably the toughest tour of our career. We basically started again, except this time we started again with fucking long drives and in a country MILES from home. But its all good, you've got to start somewhere right? We're in the process of working out when we're going back so keep checking our page for when we put new dates up!

I have to say one of the highlights of our trip over there was Canada, we were absolutely blown away! So a specially thank you goes out to anyone who came along and supported us on those shows, it means alot. We are definately going to be back in the first half of 2009 and we can't wait!

After 6 weeks in the states 3 weeks in europe on the Never Say Die tour was a walk in the park, and the shows were absolutely amazing! We had an awesome tiem with all the bands and crew and there wasn't a show I can complain about.

We built up the UK shows A LOT in our heads and despite a rocky start in Yeovil, the shows were incredible! Every show was better than we expected and to finish it off London was probably the best show we've ever played. I genuinely had goosebumps from start to finish. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who came to that show and showed their support, it completely blew our minds.

So after 10 weeks of touring we're back home and its awesome to have a break but we're all extremely excited about the Hollow Crown Tour in January with Misery Signals and Textbook Tragedy. Hopefully some of you would have gotten your tckets by now because there are going to be some dates on that tour that are going to be sold out, but fuck around! Ticket links are on our page.

I know I've kind of skipped over a lot of stuff but too much has happened for me to cover! Sorry! See all you Brits in January! Have a good christmas. Go buy the perfect gift here...... http://architects.bigcartel.com/

Monday, 13 October 2008


Canada actually. In Montreal right now and Toronto tomorrow, but then back to the U.S.
Few more pics from our U.S jaunt for you to check out. Its still mental here.
More detailed update coming soon!

Sam on Route 66

Our driver Brent Fiege

Times Square is mental

Some of America is very very flat...

...And some of it is definitely not!

More soon!