Tuesday, 28 April 2009

29th April

So the Through The Noise tour was awesome, definitely some parts of europe that still don't seem to get Architects but some parts were more fun than ever! We had particularly awesome shows in Cesena, Munich, Karlsruhe, Leipzig and Groezrock Festival, so we'd like to give an extra big thank you to the people who came and checked us out at those shows!
We're off to Russia in a couple of days which is going to be really bizzare, but we're all really excited, its always interesting to play a country for the first time.
Also, mid way through May we're off to Canada to tour with Misery Signals.........again. Canada is always awesome so, again, we're stoked to get over there.

When we were in Koln the other day, me and Ali came up with the dumbest idea for a shirt ever. Its basically an alien saying "Take me to your leader". Pretty dumb. We got our friend Mike Shantz to design it and it looks hilarious, you won't believe it.

Keep going out and buying Hollow Crown! It means a lot to us! Record sales are tough these days, so I like to add a zero on to the end of our sales, makes me feel better.

We're currently putting together our next UK tour, if it works out then its going to be sweet as fuck so get stoked!

AND we'll be announcing the Australian tour we're doing in August in a couple of weeks. Couldn't be more stoked.

Dan x