Monday, 8 December 2008

October - December 08

So we haven't updated this in AGES. I'm really sorry, everyone does this! We've been on tour for fucking ages and sine I got back I've been none stop with various other band business. BUT, I AM GOING TO UPDATE THIS RIGHT NOW. Even though my arm hurts from typing an interview I just did.....

SO we went to America for 6 weeks and did what was probably the toughest tour of our career. We basically started again, except this time we started again with fucking long drives and in a country MILES from home. But its all good, you've got to start somewhere right? We're in the process of working out when we're going back so keep checking our page for when we put new dates up!

I have to say one of the highlights of our trip over there was Canada, we were absolutely blown away! So a specially thank you goes out to anyone who came along and supported us on those shows, it means alot. We are definately going to be back in the first half of 2009 and we can't wait!

After 6 weeks in the states 3 weeks in europe on the Never Say Die tour was a walk in the park, and the shows were absolutely amazing! We had an awesome tiem with all the bands and crew and there wasn't a show I can complain about.

We built up the UK shows A LOT in our heads and despite a rocky start in Yeovil, the shows were incredible! Every show was better than we expected and to finish it off London was probably the best show we've ever played. I genuinely had goosebumps from start to finish. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who came to that show and showed their support, it completely blew our minds.

So after 10 weeks of touring we're back home and its awesome to have a break but we're all extremely excited about the Hollow Crown Tour in January with Misery Signals and Textbook Tragedy. Hopefully some of you would have gotten your tckets by now because there are going to be some dates on that tour that are going to be sold out, but fuck around! Ticket links are on our page.

I know I've kind of skipped over a lot of stuff but too much has happened for me to cover! Sorry! See all you Brits in January! Have a good christmas. Go buy the perfect gift here......