Monday, 25 August 2008


So its been a while since I updated this thing, its easy to fall behind! Last time I wrote on here we'd just played Gent, so I guess after that we went and played THE barn in Austria. It was a mental show, its not oftent hat we play shows these days where there is NOBODY who knows who we are. I guess there might have been one. It was literally a barn in the middle of the forest, it was mental! Some of the people there were insane, there was a dude just doing coke in the middle of the bar who had a mullet and virtually had eyes ont he side of his head. He went mental and strangled Tom! We were so close to destroying him, but we didn't.

The last show we did was Munich was Bane which we thought was going to be shit cos lets face it, not many Bane fans are gonna like us, but it was actually surprisingly good! There were a bunch of people were singing along and shit which was awesome! That you Munich people!
AFter that we went back to our managers grandmas house in Beyrouth and got drunk on a massive bottle of wine we got in Austria and a couple of bottles of sparkling white wine. It was good. Plus we went to a swimming pool that had a 10 metre diving board. it was LITERALLY the scariest thing I've ever done.

We had a few days after that before we went off to Minifest in Trowbridge and Ireland. The 2 hour drive to Trowbridge was a pleasure after the epic journeys in europe and the show ended up being really good, plus we got to hang with some friends that we havent seen in a while.
Ireland was expensive as fuck! Plus we had to go on the most insane ferry journey that we've ever done, it was so rough, people were puking EVERYWHERE, it was actually pretty fun. Well not for Sam cos he was bent over trying not to join them.

All the shows were 18+ which sucks, but we knew that was gonna be the deal before we even booked the shows in so we were prepared. The shows were fun, especially Dublin, which was the best 18+ show we've probably ever done.

Thanks to Your Demise for filling in on those shows, they're awesome dudes so we'll definately be doing some stuff with them in the future.....

Anyways, I'm recovering for Reading festival even though I only went for two days and didnt camp but whatever, I'm soft.


Friday, 8 August 2008

Europe. AGAIN.

So the last time I wrote on here we were in Amersfoort which turned out to be a pretty strange show. As I predicted it was empty as fuck, but everyone that was there was awesome! We had a the best best wall of death with the smallest amount of people ever which ruled! So thank you to you guys who came along and made a potentially shit show into an awesome show.
We got bottle of Southern Comfort on the rider and I decided to screw weed and just get fucked up with Sam and our merch guy Lloyd. I haven't hit the SC very hard recently and I probably misjudged my limits which resulted in me violently vomitting a bunch of times and trying to hang out in a bar with no shoes on. Needless to say I felt like hell in the morning.
The next day we were in Ham in Belgium which turned out to be an all day thing that we were headlining. We were there for ages and it was fucking hot was we went swimming in a river which our driver convinced us would give us a deadly illness. It didn't, although Tom cut his toe and bleed a bunch, nothing exciting.
The show was pretty cool, we had a really good time and we ended up doing an encore for the first time on the tour. We've had requests for encores pretty much every night of the tour but we've never known what to play so we usually end up going 'Uh, I dunno?!'.
We woke up late the next morning because it was the shortest drive ever, so we hung around until about 4.30 until we decied to leave, but for some reason we couldn't find the keys for the van anywhere. We emptied all our bags and turned the house upside down but we literally couldn't find the keys ANYWHERE. We phoned the breakdown people and they said they were gonna be ages and we didn't want them to arrive and then just break a window. So Tom broke the window. With a hammer. It was mental. What we didnt realise was that the alarm would go off FOREVER after we smashed it. So we had to wait for the breakdown people and it turned out they could have gotten into the van without smashing it. Great.
The show in Gent ruled though! The venue was the smallest dirtiest piece of crap ever but the show was awesome as fuck so it made all the stress of the day worth while. Thank you to anyone who came down and made that show so awesome! We appriciate it more than you know!

Today was boring as fuck, all we did was drive so I'm not gonna bore you with details!

All our US dates went up today, its mental! Gonna be good times!

Dan x

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

European Tour. Ups and Downs.

Right then. Cologne was pretty sweet the other night, I guess there could have been a few more people there, but we've never played there so I really didn't expect much! We hung out in an apartment and got stoned, which is what we like to do.
Last night we played Hamburg which was a little disappointing, but it was 18+ so what do you expect? Oh well.
Tonight we're in some town in Holland which I've never heard of. I'm not gonna lie to you, it might be the quietest show we've done in about two years. Metallica went through this shit before they got huge right? Yeah? So we'll probably be as big or bigger than them in a few years time. Awesome, I literally can't wait!
The next couple of days are gonna be in Belgium which i have high hopes for, so please dont let us down!
Dan x

Sunday, 3 August 2008

European Tour. Mental.

So here we are on our first headline tour of Europe, it is, as the headline suggests, mental.
We drove three days to get to Hungary to play 'Azfeszt' which was a strange experience! Hungarian people are crazy! We had fun though, and we got to swim in a thermal bath so I'm not complaining. We went to the hostel that is used in the film Hostel (maybe) which was creepy as fuck so me and Sam stayed in the van. I woke up at 7 covered in sweat with a stinking hang over. It was fucking horrible!
I can't believe how freakin hot it is here, some of the drives have been insane. We played Vienna on friday in some tiny little club and it was pretty much the hottest day of all time. Again the show was cool though, there were a bunch of awesome dudes that came to the show, including two guys that were from Vancouver!
I got a bleeding nose for no reason whilst eating some pizza and Ali suggested that I stuff some tissue up there whilst I eat. I did this and once I had finished I realised that the tissue had gone. I was a little suspicious that I had snorted it up my nose but everyone thought I was being mental. Two hours later though I blew a massive piece of tissue out of my nose. It was mental. And disgusting.
We stayed in some hostel and then had to get up early (again) and drive to Sucks n Summer fest in Leisnig, Germany. We got there at 7 and caught a bit of Sworn Enemy and Wisdom in Chains, before we played (I don't know why we were above Sworn Enemy but whatever). It was a total hardcore festival but we went down ok I guess so it was all good, although I thought Sam might get bottled if he wasn't careful.
We had an insane amount of beer and got absolutely destroyed before we broke into some mental swimming pool that had a massive diving board. We got chucked out after like 20 minutes though which sucked!!! We managed to blag some weed from the food stall for free and got even more wasted which was awesome, although this morning I woke up at 8 after four hours sleep feeling like shit and I kinda wished I hadnt had the last couple of drinks......We spent most of the night trying to speak german to german people and I the process probably just pissing them off. Oh well! We also made a scene in the merch area by throwing beer over each other, so sorry to anyone who had to witness that!
Today we're in Cologne, in fact we're on in about an hour. We've never played here, never mind headlined here so its kinda scary but there seems to be a decent amount of people here right now so hopefully it'll be cool!
Thanks to anyone who has come along to the shows so far, we're totally stoked so far, hopefully the rest of the tour will be just as good!
Check out some pictures man!

Sams new style.

Traffic in the heat sucks!

Our lovely driver Stanley Somerville

Hanging in Hungary

Stan and God

There are no words.

A five star hotel called 'Gym'

Checking in Koln and that.