Friday, 25 July 2008

Normal Life

So we're back from the studio for about 5 days before we head off on our epic 1,250 mile drive to Hungary to start our european tour. Its seems pretty mental that we're doing a european headline tour but there you go, its happening, maybe it'll be awesome. I hope it is, either way we'll have an awesome time. You always get shit loads of booze in europe so how could it be bad?
We went to see the new Batman last night and it was sweet.
Dan x

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Mixing and Stuff

Well we are over half way through mixing the album now and it sounds freaking sweet. The downside is that mixing is fucking boring and we've resorted to getting stoned all day. Its still pretty boring. Ali made me a cup of coffee though which was nice.
Last night we got smashed and went to a bar called the Purple Turtle and some club that used to be the Fez. I drank K so obviously it was a pretty good night. Then we got high as fuck. Good times!
Ali is having a whitey in the control room at 5 in the afternoon. Bless! x

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Yesterday Sam completed all the Melodic singing and it sounds fucking sweet, there's some proper tunes on this album. He's begun work on the rest of his vocals today and so far We're All Alone, Hollow Crown, In Elegance and So Far From The Truth are finished and they all sound fucking sweet!
Other than that we've been drinking beer, smoking weed and watching the American Office (don't slag it, it fucking rules). You should all do the same.
Dan x

Ali Dino went home...

Have a gander at this beautiful piece of documentary film making...

Monday, 14 July 2008


Yo yo yo, we're nearly finished with the guitars now! I finished the last two today both off which sound heavy as hell. Its been a pretty intense 4 days doing guitars, I think I'd be happy never having to tune a guitar again. The sight of a boss tuner and a C* that simply will NOT go in tune will probably haunt me for at least a few weeks. Still its done now and although I moan I'm actually pretty bummed because tracking guitars and hearing the songs come to life is awesome.
Tim is gonna be up bright and early tomorrow to finish off 'Early Grave' Which is we're thinking is gonna be the first track on the record. I also laid down some keyboard on he title track 'Hollow Crown' and on 'In Elegance' and 'Follow the Water'. Keyboard haters I apologise, I don't, keyboards are awesome.

Sam also kicked off the vocals today. We started off doing some of the melodic vocals first before he puts his throat through hell. We did 'So Far From The Truth', 'Dead March', 'Follow The Water' and 'Every Last Breath' all of which sound amazing. Everyone who hated the singing on Ruin and on the Split, I apologise. Actually no I don't, Singing is awesome, if you don't like it, no ones stopping you from listening to purely Origin, so feel free.

We were supposed to be getting wrecked tonight and heading down to hang out with Johnny Truant at the Face Bar, but its been cancelled! (hope your Knee gets better Olly!) So now we don't have a whole to do. Oh well. At least Tom Barnes is here to tell us stories whilst we all sit on his lap drinking milk and eating cookies.

Oh also, I went for a swim with our manager Leander at the local pool and I really wish people weren't quite so open with their manhood. It was like being on tour with Dead Swans, dicks everywhere.

Till next time!
Tom xxx

Thursday, 10 July 2008


Our first video diary from inside Outhouse Studios...

Part III coming very soon...


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Day 6

Day 6! Its pissing it down and miserable as hell in Reading but thats not dampening Ali's spirits. Up bright and early with a big smile on his perfectly formed face, ready for a day of bass psychotics. The lunatic! All jokes aside tracking bass is officially more boring than watching bowls which is why I'm here typing this and not watching him track.
We went to London last night to see Shai Hulud and Comeback kid which was cool, nice to get out anyway! We did actually got to see Dead Swans and Your Demise as well but we were still outside queing whilst they were playing, bollocks. On the way home we picked up a Diezel head and Cab for recording. We've not had a chance to play around with them yet because the drum kit is still up but I'm pretty sure its gonna sound heavy as shit. We've got a Peavy 6505+ with us as well to play around with. If I'm honest I normally don't give a flying fuck about tone and all that shit which is why I've been using a Marshall cab I bought for 50 quid for the last year, but I guess we should probably spend more than 10 minutes finding a decent sound this time.
A.D should be almost done with the bass today which means we'll be moving on to guitars tomorrow which is when shit starts to get exciting!
I've been playing around with our new keyboard a bunch recently as well working out some stuff for a few tracks, I'm pretty psyched to see how that shit comes out too. I had 2 years of keyboard lessons when I was in school turns out I'm pretty shit though! Sorry mum, probably a waste of money...Same applies for all those recorder lessons.

Tonight we're doing nothing. Should be fun.

Tom xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 7 July 2008

Just Finished Drums

Hello! So I just finished tracking my drums for the album, so I can now officially get even more stoned than I have the last four nights. Sweet. I'll probably pop down Asda later and pick myself up a nice warm bottle of Mansion House Cream (Check it out). Woo hoo!

Anyways, we've been here for five days now (four days of tracking) and I've managed to get three drums tracks done a day which I'm pretty pleased with. Last night we pissed Ali off so much he almost lost his mind, it was AWESOME. Its kinda been getting me down though because I find it hard to take this much time spent with Ali because he overloads me. I'm constantly excited about being with him, which means I always need to pinch him and bite him and grab what ever flesh I can get my hands on. There was a point last night when I was super stoned and Ali went into a sort of conscious coma state and I started to feel really bad, and every time I hurt him or insulted him I felt pretty bummed out, but really, I can't help it. Anyway, just after I finished tracking We're All Alone this morning, Ali got up and he was revitalised and back to normal which was a relief. The down side is that it just excited me more and made me what to assult him again. Its been over two years now and I doubt it'll ever change. I want to know him forever.

The Four String Bass Mentalist Ali Dino begins work on his shit tomorrow which will probably be so amazing I'll cry. Can't wait.

We'll post a video up here soon so keep checking back!

Dan x

P.S We're playing Hungary this month. Weird.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Going to the studio tomorrow

Hello! This is our very first post of this blog so I'm sure you're all as excited as we are.
We're going to be (hopefully) updating this regularly with info on what we're up to whether it be recording, tours or just general crap. There will be loads of terrible grammer and a whole buddle of spelling mistakes.

Anyway, tomorrow we're heading in to the studio to record our 3rd album (yeah, third album, and I'm only 20, put that in your pipe) with John Mitchell and Ben Humphreys at Outhouse Studios in Reading. We are SO excited about doing this album, I can't even start to explain. Well, I guess I can. Outhouse is like our home away from home these days, sure Reading is a total crap hole and I really would rather not leave the studio at all when we're there, but its still awesome. Also Sam is gonna sound awesome, cos lets face it, he didn't know what the hell he was doing on Ruin, sure he sounded great, but notice how he sounded unbelieveable on We're All Alone and Broken Clocks? Imagine that, but on a whole album. Wow. I know.

Most of you have probably seen me rant on about the whole technical thing on Youtube, so you know how I/we feel about it. Its going to be something that a bunch of people will probably moan about no matter what, but if they don't like it then they don't have to listen to it! I'm certain that most of you are gonna love it and we're honestly so excited for you all to hear it. We've had so many people tell us how they can't wait to hear this album, its amazing! We played Ghostfest in Leeds on the weekend and the amount of people that came and talked to me about the band and the new record was amazing, its so good to see that so many people are as pumped for this album as we are!

Anyway, I need to pack. Thanks for Reading!

Dan x

P.S We're doing a radio session for XFM tomorrow on the way to the studio so watch/listen out for that!