Monday, 7 July 2008

Just Finished Drums

Hello! So I just finished tracking my drums for the album, so I can now officially get even more stoned than I have the last four nights. Sweet. I'll probably pop down Asda later and pick myself up a nice warm bottle of Mansion House Cream (Check it out). Woo hoo!

Anyways, we've been here for five days now (four days of tracking) and I've managed to get three drums tracks done a day which I'm pretty pleased with. Last night we pissed Ali off so much he almost lost his mind, it was AWESOME. Its kinda been getting me down though because I find it hard to take this much time spent with Ali because he overloads me. I'm constantly excited about being with him, which means I always need to pinch him and bite him and grab what ever flesh I can get my hands on. There was a point last night when I was super stoned and Ali went into a sort of conscious coma state and I started to feel really bad, and every time I hurt him or insulted him I felt pretty bummed out, but really, I can't help it. Anyway, just after I finished tracking We're All Alone this morning, Ali got up and he was revitalised and back to normal which was a relief. The down side is that it just excited me more and made me what to assult him again. Its been over two years now and I doubt it'll ever change. I want to know him forever.

The Four String Bass Mentalist Ali Dino begins work on his shit tomorrow which will probably be so amazing I'll cry. Can't wait.

We'll post a video up here soon so keep checking back!

Dan x

P.S We're playing Hungary this month. Weird.


qual said...

God bless Dino,
I was watching through the collection of videos on Youtube last night and the lad puts up with some stick, haha.

We're All Alone's going on the album then?

Yeah Sam's vocal action was far far sweeter on the split,

DSHS said...

just been listening to the split tracks at work, rocking out a BIT too much for an office filled with middle aged women, too fucking excited to hear the new record, get it done already yeah?

the 'ding was my home for three years, you've gotta love it, for all its epic shitness.

good luck killing it chaps, see you in trowbridge!

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