Monday, 14 July 2008


Yo yo yo, we're nearly finished with the guitars now! I finished the last two today both off which sound heavy as hell. Its been a pretty intense 4 days doing guitars, I think I'd be happy never having to tune a guitar again. The sight of a boss tuner and a C* that simply will NOT go in tune will probably haunt me for at least a few weeks. Still its done now and although I moan I'm actually pretty bummed because tracking guitars and hearing the songs come to life is awesome.
Tim is gonna be up bright and early tomorrow to finish off 'Early Grave' Which is we're thinking is gonna be the first track on the record. I also laid down some keyboard on he title track 'Hollow Crown' and on 'In Elegance' and 'Follow the Water'. Keyboard haters I apologise, I don't, keyboards are awesome.

Sam also kicked off the vocals today. We started off doing some of the melodic vocals first before he puts his throat through hell. We did 'So Far From The Truth', 'Dead March', 'Follow The Water' and 'Every Last Breath' all of which sound amazing. Everyone who hated the singing on Ruin and on the Split, I apologise. Actually no I don't, Singing is awesome, if you don't like it, no ones stopping you from listening to purely Origin, so feel free.

We were supposed to be getting wrecked tonight and heading down to hang out with Johnny Truant at the Face Bar, but its been cancelled! (hope your Knee gets better Olly!) So now we don't have a whole to do. Oh well. At least Tom Barnes is here to tell us stories whilst we all sit on his lap drinking milk and eating cookies.

Oh also, I went for a swim with our manager Leander at the local pool and I really wish people weren't quite so open with their manhood. It was like being on tour with Dead Swans, dicks everywhere.

Till next time!
Tom xxx


Anonymous said...

Amazing, I cannot wait for this album.
Fuck haters, I love Sam's singing voice. Speak to you soon niggs

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