Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Going to the studio tomorrow

Hello! This is our very first post of this blog so I'm sure you're all as excited as we are.
We're going to be (hopefully) updating this regularly with info on what we're up to whether it be recording, tours or just general crap. There will be loads of terrible grammer and a whole buddle of spelling mistakes.

Anyway, tomorrow we're heading in to the studio to record our 3rd album (yeah, third album, and I'm only 20, put that in your pipe) with John Mitchell and Ben Humphreys at Outhouse Studios in Reading. We are SO excited about doing this album, I can't even start to explain. Well, I guess I can. Outhouse is like our home away from home these days, sure Reading is a total crap hole and I really would rather not leave the studio at all when we're there, but its still awesome. Also Sam is gonna sound awesome, cos lets face it, he didn't know what the hell he was doing on Ruin, sure he sounded great, but notice how he sounded unbelieveable on We're All Alone and Broken Clocks? Imagine that, but on a whole album. Wow. I know.

Most of you have probably seen me rant on about the whole technical thing on Youtube, so you know how I/we feel about it. Its going to be something that a bunch of people will probably moan about no matter what, but if they don't like it then they don't have to listen to it! I'm certain that most of you are gonna love it and we're honestly so excited for you all to hear it. We've had so many people tell us how they can't wait to hear this album, its amazing! We played Ghostfest in Leeds on the weekend and the amount of people that came and talked to me about the band and the new record was amazing, its so good to see that so many people are as pumped for this album as we are!

Anyway, I need to pack. Thanks for Reading!

Dan x

P.S We're doing a radio session for XFM tomorrow on the way to the studio so watch/listen out for that!


James said...

sweet... cant wait for the new album

tbh i think you should let some fans come up and help you on some group vocals ;)

vikki said...

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