Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Day 6

Day 6! Its pissing it down and miserable as hell in Reading but thats not dampening Ali's spirits. Up bright and early with a big smile on his perfectly formed face, ready for a day of bass psychotics. The lunatic! All jokes aside tracking bass is officially more boring than watching bowls which is why I'm here typing this and not watching him track.
We went to London last night to see Shai Hulud and Comeback kid which was cool, nice to get out anyway! We did actually got to see Dead Swans and Your Demise as well but we were still outside queing whilst they were playing, bollocks. On the way home we picked up a Diezel head and Cab for recording. We've not had a chance to play around with them yet because the drum kit is still up but I'm pretty sure its gonna sound heavy as shit. We've got a Peavy 6505+ with us as well to play around with. If I'm honest I normally don't give a flying fuck about tone and all that shit which is why I've been using a Marshall cab I bought for 50 quid for the last year, but I guess we should probably spend more than 10 minutes finding a decent sound this time.
A.D should be almost done with the bass today which means we'll be moving on to guitars tomorrow which is when shit starts to get exciting!
I've been playing around with our new keyboard a bunch recently as well working out some stuff for a few tracks, I'm pretty psyched to see how that shit comes out too. I had 2 years of keyboard lessons when I was in school turns out I'm pretty shit though! Sorry mum, probably a waste of money...Same applies for all those recorder lessons.

Tonight we're doing nothing. Should be fun.

Tom xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

hahaha recorder lessons were the best...

exciiiiited!! :D xxxxxxx

mg said...

get ali to play the recorder live
in a nappy, like that bit on green wing
if you havent seen it, youtube that shit
really looking forward to the new stuff

WILLY said...

oh man.. you just "picked up" a deizel. i hate you, you bastards!

Jesse said...

Did you use laneys on ruin?
Deizel eh....this albums gonna be amazing :)