Monday, 25 August 2008


So its been a while since I updated this thing, its easy to fall behind! Last time I wrote on here we'd just played Gent, so I guess after that we went and played THE barn in Austria. It was a mental show, its not oftent hat we play shows these days where there is NOBODY who knows who we are. I guess there might have been one. It was literally a barn in the middle of the forest, it was mental! Some of the people there were insane, there was a dude just doing coke in the middle of the bar who had a mullet and virtually had eyes ont he side of his head. He went mental and strangled Tom! We were so close to destroying him, but we didn't.

The last show we did was Munich was Bane which we thought was going to be shit cos lets face it, not many Bane fans are gonna like us, but it was actually surprisingly good! There were a bunch of people were singing along and shit which was awesome! That you Munich people!
AFter that we went back to our managers grandmas house in Beyrouth and got drunk on a massive bottle of wine we got in Austria and a couple of bottles of sparkling white wine. It was good. Plus we went to a swimming pool that had a 10 metre diving board. it was LITERALLY the scariest thing I've ever done.

We had a few days after that before we went off to Minifest in Trowbridge and Ireland. The 2 hour drive to Trowbridge was a pleasure after the epic journeys in europe and the show ended up being really good, plus we got to hang with some friends that we havent seen in a while.
Ireland was expensive as fuck! Plus we had to go on the most insane ferry journey that we've ever done, it was so rough, people were puking EVERYWHERE, it was actually pretty fun. Well not for Sam cos he was bent over trying not to join them.

All the shows were 18+ which sucks, but we knew that was gonna be the deal before we even booked the shows in so we were prepared. The shows were fun, especially Dublin, which was the best 18+ show we've probably ever done.

Thanks to Your Demise for filling in on those shows, they're awesome dudes so we'll definately be doing some stuff with them in the future.....

Anyways, I'm recovering for Reading festival even though I only went for two days and didnt camp but whatever, I'm soft.



Our People Versus Yours said...

Man the forum in london is gonna get torn to shit :).
18+ is pretty sucky though especially for my band being quite young haha.
Hope US goes well, enjoy your fat month break!

Architects said...

its not 18+!

Architects said...

oh your talking about ireland. yeah its mental.

xadahx said...

hey guys
you'll come to spain?
i can't wait :(((

Ming Zhe said...

If the prospect of very few yet extremely insane people in a crowd sounds attractive, then you should coming to Hong Kong soon!

Bane's a sweet band- you guys must've had awesome fun.

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